CARDIOLABORATE is an inter-academic science broker that stimulates public-private collaborations in the field of cardiovascular biomarkers in the Netherlands. We build new public-private collaborations in the field of cardiovascular biomarkers by revealing a portfolio of facilities and unique opportunities in (pre)-clinical research. Cardiolaborate is an initiative of the Netherlands Heart Institute.

On this website you can search for your requirements in the field of cardiovascular biomarkers. Address biomarkers for different types of cardiovascular disease, animal and human disease models, research facilities, technology platforms and unique clinical cohorts.

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Humanized metabolic disease models

Atherosclerotic lesion (type V)

Within these metabolic and cardiovascular expertises we offer custom-made drug and dietary intervention studies in among others our unique APOE*3-Leiden.CETP transgenic mouse model. APOE*3-Leiden.CETP mice are a unique mouse model with a lipoprotein metabolism closely resembling that of humans.

Coagulation mouse models (siRNA)


Mice deficient in coagulation factors display often premature death due to thrombosis-related coagulopathy, thereby precluding their use in thrombosis models. Therefore, a new approach was developed based on the interference of transcription of coagualation factors by intravenous treatment of mice with targeted synthetic siRNAs.

Julius Center health sciences research group

vdbergh gebouw

The Julius center for Health Sciences and Primary Care is one of the 11 divisions of the UMC Utrecht. The UMC Utrecht includes the medical faculty of Utrecht University, ranked first in the Netherlands in the Shanghai ARWU and 52 in the world, and first in the Netherlands in Life Sciences and Medicine according to QS World Rankings.